The Story

The Journey

In 2010 I visited Sonoma County, CA with my wife Molly and my family for the first time.  We visited the coast, hung out at dozens of wineries, drove through the rolling hills, gazed at endless vineyard landscapes, and caught the West Coast vibe.  It was then we decided to move to California and get into the business of wine.

In 2012 we did just that.  We packed up our life in the Midwest and moved to California.  I enrolled and graduated from the UC Davis Winemaking Certificate program, made a few friends in the industry, worked in the cellar for a few harvests, apprenticed under a few highly regarded winemakers, and began looking to forge my own path.  Molly took up the challenge to learn the art of selling wine at a prominent wine brand in Healdsburg, CA.  She has parlayed her 20+ years of entrepreneurship and high-touch customer service to instill herself as the backbone of our brand handling all things marketing, sales, social media, and acting as overall director of happiness.

Our journey has just begun!

The Name

We thought long and hard about what to name our brand.  We did not want it to be about us, so we decided not to personalize the brand name.  Finding a unique, different, and not yet taken name proved quite challenging.

After a few months of selling wine, Molly asked what the difference was between a standard bottle of wine and a magnum. I replied that the biggest difference was the ullage.  One bottle has twice the volume, but they both have roughly the same ullage, the space remaining in the bottle between the wine and the cork.  Over time, these bottles ‘could’ age differently with unique aroma and taste characteristics.  Well, while recounting this story over dinner with a good friend, and in response to my answer of ‘ullage’ to Molly’s question, this friend said, “That would be a great name for a wine brand!”  Not only did we love the name, but the notion of ‘space between’ resonated with us on many levels.  In moving to California, we created space between many friends and family in pursuit of a dream.  Attempting to bring us all a little closer is now our mission.

The rest is history.


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